Divorce in Homestead, FL

Online Divorce In Homestead, FL

YourDIYdivorce.com was developed by Gena D. Fournier, a Florida family law attorney, who brings decades of expertise and experience to you in the packages it delivers. The founder saw that nothing on the market provided individuals true access to the Courts and the ability to represent themselves. So, she created – YourDIYdivorce – a website that gives you all the tools you need to help you represent yourself in Florida.

YourDIYdivorce is a new service to not only decrease the cost of divorce, but to expedite the process in Homestead, FL or anywhere in Florida.

YourDIYdivorce is a true alternative to incurring legal fees and costs for legal representation.

If you are contemplating divorce, facing custody disputes, or modifications of child support, YourDIYdivorce.com has everything you need at an affordable one-time price. There are no membership fees or time limits to complete your documents. You receive the documents and retain access to your files because you get everything delivered to you for you to download and use.  You do not disclose any information to  YourDIYdivorce and it does not request retain any information about you.  It is solely the intent of YourDIYdivorce to sell complete packages at a reasonable price to help you represent yourself and limit your financial exposure because we know the toll legal fees and costs have on Floridians

Through YourDIYdivorce.com, an independent company, you receive access to hundreds of hours of documents to take care of your situation without the assistance of a costly attorney.